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Meet your Curator

I was told my blog was impersonal without my name or anything about who I was.  I’d thought about that … but I didn’t think very hard.  I like being anonymous.  I am socially awkward.

My name is Kent Karnofski; my on-air name is DJ Barnabas (in case I ever have a radio show).  By formal training and current day job, I am a mathematician, scientist, and engineer.  Otherwise, I like to travel, big trips and small.  I listen to a lot of music and I do not like much TV.  I like to wear shorts; I like to wear shoes if I am hiking or running.  My hobbies include hiking and running.  I have a woodshop with a great variety of results, from bad to good.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to be more involved with music, whatever that means.  I saw an advertisement for an internet radio station looking for people to host shows.  They were open to any kind of show, I guess: music, talk, “news”, poetry reading, dogs barking.  I wondered if I could keep up with a show every week and I didn’t know how to present myself.  My first thought was to put together a podcast – I would call mine a “punkcast” – as a way to get started.  If I could keep up with a weekly show on my own, I’d be more comfortable committing to a radio station.

I didn’t like what I was reading about copyright violations/paranoia and I didn’t like software that I was finding for what I wanted to do.  Thus, I started with a blog.  If the blog continues to go well, meaning I enjoy it and I post with some regularity, then I’d like to add a punkcast to the mix.

I am not trying to monetize people with this blog.  Not only do I hate that word, but that’s not my motivation for this work.  I respect privacy – I will not use, abuse, or share your names or e-mail addresses.  I would enjoy interacting with people via comments and e-mail exchanges.