Community Noise

A place to find and share music.

Meet your Curator

I was told my blog was impersonal without my name or anything about who I was.  I like being anonymous.  I am socially awkward.

My name is Kent Karnofski; my on-air name is DJ Barnabas.  I am an extraordinary audiophile.  By formal training and current day job, I am a mathematician, scientist, and engineer.  Otherwise, I like to travel, big trips and small.  I write some and practice photography from time to time.  I listen to a lot of music and I do not like much TV.  I like to wear shorts; I like to wear shoes if I am hiking or running.  My hobbies include hiking and running.  I have a woodshop with a great variety of results, from bad to good.

I started writing a blog in 2016 with the goal of being more involved with music, and maybe finding some like-minded people.  I was looking for an avenue to share music that I loved and to share new music that I found.  What I discovered was that writing gave me a new way to consider the music I listened to, and a new way to relate life events to music.  It also generated a new drive for me to find new music.

As a continuation on that theme of searching, in January 2019, I started my own radio show on local, all-volunteer, KBFG 107.3FM.  At present, Community Noise airs Wednesday at 7pm, and (repeat) Saturday at 11am (Seattle time).  It’s a cool show.  We also stream worldwide.

My blog is about sharing great music, and hoping that others find something new to them.  And I hope readers will show me things I’ve never heard before and should. Community Noise is a place to find and share music.

My blog is not about making money for myself or others.  My blog does not carry advertisements.  I respect privacy – I will not use, abuse, or share your names or e-mail addresses.  I would enjoy interacting with people via comments and e-mail exchanges.