Community Noise

A place to find and share music.

5 Things

Things about Community Noise, the mystery behind it, and the things I think and love.

One.  My list of Top 5 all-time favorite bands goes like this:

  1. The Velvet Underground
  2. Talking Heads
  3. Patti Smith
  4. The Beatles
  5. The Clash

In no particular order, except VU is first.  Always.  There’s about 35 more to somehow squeeze in there.  I understand that some people will say that’s not a very diverse list.  You’d be wrong, but I understand.  Whatever.  In time we’ll see what the other 35 bands look like and things will even out.

Two.  My greatest dissatisfaction is that “Kurious Oranj” by The Fall is not well known by the masses.  Maybe Someday I’ll write an entire entry about it.

Three.  There are at least two options for great Blues on-line.  Both are Seattle radio shows, but they both stream, so you can listen to it anywhere out there.

  • Preachin’ the Blues on KEXP, 90.3 FM Seattle. Sunday mornings 9-Noon (Pacific time)
  • All Blues with John Kessler on KNKX, 88.5 FM Seattle. Saturday and Sunday evening 6-Midnight (Pacific Time).

Four.  I love things.  Tangible things like books, vinyl records, rocks.  I collect these things.  Digital music is fine and good and convenient, but I like the feel of records, the big 12” cover, the pictures, the liner notes, the care of vinyl and the un-dusting of the needle.  We’ve lost some, but we still have great record shops in Seattle – Easy Street, Sonic Boom, and Silver Platters, for example.  And Rough Trade is in London.  Tell me about the shops where you live.

 Five.  There are plenty of on-line resources to find great music.  Duh.  But I can stand with these options:

What do you use?  I know, I know.  Spotify and Pandora.  I like stuff that’s free and anonymous.  Thus, YouTube.  Undoubtedly this list will keep growing.  Eventually I’ll create a new page just for this.  (And then I’ll have to write a new #5.)



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