It will be 5 years next month since I first started a blog. I have other endeavors and other writing projects that keep me away from regular blog posts. I have a radio show in Seattle, that streams worldwide; feel free to listen on KBFG 107.3FM and we stream at Community Noise currently airs Thursdays 8-10am (Seattle time).

I occasionally record shows and post them at

I have a FB page for the radio show where I occasionally post information about an upcoming show or other music news that interests me:

I will continue to subscribe to some blogs, and I will keep the email address if people would like to reach me at

Lastly, I may or may not start an email newsletter about any writing that is published or otherwise released into the wild. If people are interested in that, please send me a note with your preferred email. As always, my DL lists will not be shared or sold and will be advertisement free. If I use your email address it will be sporadic or quarterly at most.

Thanks everyone!