Bloggers be aware: weird people will try anything to give you a virus.

I received an email last evening from “Renee” complaining about a copyright infringement. I would be happy to correct the situation. However, “Renee” or “” failed to identify what exactly the complaint was, nor did “she” identify the offending post. Her email address was invalid, her website link did not work, and the link she gave me for “evidence” was an executable.

I was able to delete everything before harm was done, I think, and marked the email as SPAM.

If I am guilty of copyright infringement, I am happy to remove all offending materials, but please, identify the material and provide a valid email address so I can talk to you. Also, I am not a lawyer and neither are you: you do not need to quote laws to me.

My name is Kent Karnofski, I live in Seattle, and you can reach me at I am a real person.