On this morning’s show, we had a little anti-gun interlude. It was a great show! (I did not record it. It would have been a good one to record and share, but it is now in the ether.)

  1. Pure Joy — “Gun Thing”
  2. Kathy Fish (DJ Barnabas reading) — “Collective Nouns”
  3. XTC — “Melt the Guns”
  4. The Pixies — “There Goes My Gun”
  5. Nice as Fuck — “Guns”
    YT is inappriately flagging this as “possibly offensive.” Stupid AI.
  6. The Clash — “Guns on the Roof”
  7. Homecoming Queens — “Got a Gun”
  8. David Bowie — “I’m Afriad of Americans”
  9. The Colorist and Ameliana Torrini — “Gun”
  10. The Scoffs — “Talk is Cheap”

I have a feeling we’ll be doing this one again sometime. If people have tracks to recommend to the list, please advise, I may use later on the radio.

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