I am sporadic at uploading episodes of my radio shows onto MixCloud and, at best, that sporadicity will continue.  Personally, I get a lot out of working in radio, I get a little bit of pleasure from keeping a blog, and I get nothing from maintaining the MixCloud page.

I have been uploading programs when I’ve had a guest.  Their appreciation is good pay.  I’m going to give it some time for people to learn to enjoy, but the voting is in listening, and if people are not listening, then I have no reason to continue.  Vote by listening!

Two new episodes loaded this morning.

Seattle-based musician Mike Simmons was our guest on Open Airwaves, 6 February 2021.  DJ Barnabas and Juliette hosted the show with KBFG, community radio in Seattle.

https://www.mixcloud.com/ CommunityNoise/openairwaves-20210206-with-mike-simmons/  

On 11 February 2021, DJ Barnabas hosted Lorenzo Marasso on More Noise, Please. Lorenzo is a , local concert pianist.  We talked about him and some of his projects and listened to some of his recordings. And winning the prize for longest-distance correspondence, Wayne Marshall, called in from Malta.  Pianist, organist, and conductor, Wayne is a friend and collaborator of Lorenzo and we talked about Wayne’s work and those collaborations.

We had a blast!

For more information about these fine musicians and excellent people, access the following:




https://www.mixcloud.com/ CommunityNoise/morenoiseplease-with-lorenzo-marasso/

To listen to my radio programming in real-time, tune into KBFG 107.3 FM, in North Seattle, or stream anywhere in the universe from www.KBFGseattle.org/listen.  All Seattle times:

Community Noise            Wednesday 7-8pm and Saturday 11am-Noon (pre-recorded DJ music show)

More Noise, Please          Thursday 8-10am (live-in-studio DJ music show)

Open Airwaves                  Saturday 9-11am (live-in-studio; music, interviews, and public affairs)

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