Goat Girl have a couple of new singles out, Natalia Beylis has a new album, and Bret Fetzer reads another modern fairy tale. From that basis, we blend in old favorites.

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  1. Goat Girl — “Sad Cowboy (Tony Njoku Remix)”
  2. Talking Heads — “Once in a Lifetime”
  3. Bret Fetzer — “Scratch My Back”
  4. Natalia Beylis — “Visited By Bears”
  5. Chumbawamba — “Tubthumping”
  6. Clarence Carter — “Snatching It Back”
  7. All Girl Summer Fun Band — “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Troublemaker”
  8. The Young Gods — “Child in the Tree”
  9. Sublime — “Doin’ Time [original]”
  10. Neil Young — “On Broadway”
  11. The Walkabouts — “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone”