Great show! Music-making artists: Thank You! Keep sending your work to KBFG. We play it because it’s either good or great; that’s the rule. Lot’s of stuff new this week, and a couple of old favorites.

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  1. Oceanator — “I Would Find You”
  2. Cardboard Club — “Cave”
  3. Death Cab for Cutie — “Champagne from a Paper Cup”
  4. Optic Sink — “Exhibitionist”
  5. Flying Fish Cove — “Rainbow”
  6. The Chameleons UK — “Tomorrow Never Knows”
  7. Ken Nordine — “Coral”
  8. Foxxxy Mulder — “Witches”
  9. Foxxxy Mulder — “The Witch”
  10. body / negative — “The Big Sleep (feat. Void Of Course)”
  11. body / negative — “Catholic Guilt”
  12. Lori Goldston — “Side A”