Some Seattle music history, more fresh, local music, and other surprises on this episode of Community Noise, and other surprises.

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  1. Chika — “My Power”
  2. Bam Bam — “Ground Zero”
  3. Oregon — “Chance-Choice”
  4. David Lynch — “The Line It Curves”
  5. Roxy Music — “Rain Rain Rain”
  6. The Decemberists — “Everything Is Awful”
  7. Ami Dang — “Tension, Tension, Release”
  8. Patti Smith — “Radio Bahgdad”
  9. Everson Pines — “Southern Charms”
  10. Piston Ready — “Hammerhead”
  11. Echoes of Roar — “Carving”

Read about former Seattle band Bam Bam: