Don’t listen to the lyrics, DO fear the reaper– that’s our advise this week on Community Noise. Also, Sam Shepard co-writes a song and David Lynch makes music. Finally, a shout out to Lorenzo Marasso and his upcoming Invention Project livestreaming event, featuring 15 newly commissioned works inspired by J.S. Bach inventions — find it on FB or YT.

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  1. Louis Prima — “Sing,Sing,Sing (With a Swing)”
  2. Shocking Blue — “Venus”
  3. Bob Dylan — “Brownsville Girl”
  4. Apparat — “Black Water”
  5. Lorenzo Marasso — “Schumann op. 56 n.3”
  6. Dean Rosenthal — “For Morton Feldman”
  7. Blue Oyster Cult — “Don’t Fear the Reaper”
  8. Talking Heads — “Artists Only”
  9. Airspray — “Civil Civic”
  10. Thought Gang — “A Real Indication”
  11. Germaine Tailleferre — “Petite suite pour orchestre”