As I write this “marketing” note, I am previewing the completed episode. I am delighted! You will be too; the impetus for that comment comes from the Stevie Wonder version of “Blowin’ in the Wind”. Also, we’re featuring a little interlude of Northwest power bands; The Scoffs make their KBFG debut!

We complete our use the Seattle Public Libary’s Adult Book Bingo card as prompts for songs (see prompts in parens in track list below). Complete a song bingo card over the summer, and win a prize from DJ Barnabas! Get your bingo card at:

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  1. Patti Smith — “Amerigo”
  2. Ringo Deathstarr — “Big Bopper”
  3. John Cale — “Ex-Cathedra”
  4. (recommended) O.V. Wright — “You’re Gonna Make Me Cry”
  5. (two by one author) Stevie Wonder — “Blowin’ In The Wind”
  6. (two by one author) Bob Dylan — “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”
  7. Flop — “You Would Be Right Excerpt”
  8. (free square) The Scoffs — “Talk Is Cheap”
  9. Screaming Trees — “Grey Diamond Desert”
  10. Beat Happening — “What’s Important”
  11. (City of Music) Jacek Sienkiewicz — “Drifting (Recognition)”
  12. Judith Weir — “Airs from Another Planet”