Random photo, because I’m in a random, wondering mood.

Just a little collection of greatness to help you get through the week. We continue to use the Seattle Public Library’s Adult Book Bingo program as prompts for songs (see prompts in parens in track list below). And filling in the cracks, we throw in random goodness. (Complete a song bingo card over the summer, and win a prize from DJ Barnabas! Get your bingo card at:

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  1. The English Beat — “Mirror in the Bathroom”
  2. Gray — “Life On The Streets”
  3. The Wedding Present — “Bewitched”
  4. (Animal as main character) The Beatles — “I Am the Walrus”
  5. (Debut by author over 50) Natalie Merchant — “The Ballad of Henry Darger”
  6. John Cale — “Beyond Expectations”
  7. (Myth or fable) David Bowie and Eugene Ormandy — “The Procession to the Zoo”
  8. Sky Cries Mary — “Drunken Pilot”
  9. (Indigenous author) A Tribe Called Red — “Electric Pow Wow Drum”
  10. Mudhoney — “Baby O Baby”
  11. (In translation) Seu Jorge — “Five Years”