I randomly play some old favorites, we have another fairy tale by Seattlite Bret Fetzer, and use the Seattle Public Libary’s Adult Book Bingo program as prompts for some songs. Those prompts brought more songs out of the archives, and led me to more new-to-me music! Complete your song bingo card over the summer, and win a prize from DJ Barnabas! Get your bingo card at:

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  1. The Brian Setzer Orchestra — “Route 66”
  2. Megan Ihnen — “Bound V”
  3. Caribou — “Sister”
  4. Talking Heads — “The Girls Want to Be with the Girls”
  5. Bret Fetzer — “This and That and That and This”
  6. James — “Sunday Morning”
  7. The Fall — “Kurious Oranj”
  8. Gray — “I wanna go back”
  9. Bill Drummond — “I’m The King Of Joy”
  10. Paul Simon — “Graceland”
  11. Ami Dang — “Ajooni”