From the KBFG show, Community in Quarantine, notes for some of the things we talk about, or meant to talk about, or will talk about sometime later.  Updated sporadically.

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  1. For advice on using masks and other health tips regarding coronavirus, try these links from the Washington State Department of Health:


  1. Megan Ihnen − Bound V

We had an on-air contest for listeners to identify at least two instruments in the arrangement of this song that we played a couple of weeks ago.  We played it again.  Both Dom and Major Tim were successful, so now Kent owes each a favor.

The arrangement was composed for Megan and members of Latitude 49, and included:

    • Clarinet/bass clarinet
    • Saxophone(s)
    • Cello
    • Percussion (woodblocks – that might have been what sounded like the bucket; drum set)


You can find this piece on BandCamp (free download!) – just search “megan ihnen”.


  1. Donate food, pick out a mask in the Greenwood neighborhood

masks that are free to take in exchange for a donation of three cans of food — all on the honor system / two masks per family.    On the corner of NW 81st Street and 1st avenue NW. Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. Bob Dylan – “Murder Most Foul”

Bob Dylan released a new song at Midnight on 27 March 2020, with this message:

Greetings to my fans and followers with gratitude for all your support and loyalty across the years. This is an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting. Stay safe, stay observant and may God be with you. – Bob Dylan

What to do with yourselves during lockdown?  We claim that it is worthy to spend time with this song and the lyrics and try to understand what he’s trying to tell us.


  1. Joe’s Kids

Our friend Joe has been working from home with two boys in the house, ages 7 and 12.  They’ve been creating music.  You can listen to Ryuk76 and Puberty Taxman (free) on-line.


  1. It’s always a good day to learn something randomly new. Try this:


  1. Seattle Public Library recommends:

Andrea from the Green Lake branch of the Seattle Public Library called in to provide some recommended reading!  All of the following titles are available as e-books, so may be accessed from home.


    • The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson
    • Kindred by Octavia Butler
    • Deep River by Karl Marlantes

Children (middle grade chapter books, grades 3-6):

    • The Water Bears by Kim Baker
    • Maggie and Abby’s Neverending Pillow Fort by Will Taylor
    • Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones

  1. Bop Street Records

Remarkable ending for a great record shop.…


  1. Mount St. Helens: A Landscape Across Time

Monday, 18 May is the 40th anniversary of the major volcanic eruption at Mt. St. Helens.  There will be a lot of events, press, information, and memories.  We mentioned the one below.  Where were you on Sunday morning, 18 May 1980?

Online event:  Saturday, 16 May at 3:30 PM · Hosted by the Portland Art Museum and the Mount St Helens Institute.