A little bit of on-line acquisitions, a little bit of digging through the archives, we have a pretty good show this week.  We define “nunatak” and an isolation interlude reminds us we’re all alone together.  One of finest band names anywhere, Hair and Space Museum make their Community Noise debut, as does Sylvia Hinz and Isaac Schankler.  Check it out.

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1. The Velvet Underground — “Pale Blue Eyes”
2. Jesse Myers — “Nunataks”
3. The Chameleons UK — “Soul in Isolation”
4. Joy Division — “Isolation”
5. Goat Girl — “The Man”
6. Sylvia Hinz — “Windserie VI”
7. Blondie — “Dreaming”
8. Anna Calvi — “The Devil”
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — “Vision”
10. Hair and Space Museum — “Peel it Open”
11. Isaac Schankler — “Mobile II (-Dear Mr. Edison-)”



ALSO, last week’s show is posted on mixcloud: