I feel distraught to discover that I do not have a copy of Patti Smith’s Peace and Noise, but I do have these promotional buttons.  I listened to some on-line; a tremendous, forgotten album. We share some in this episode. And we have an orchestral arrangement of some Led Zeppelin, the second week in a row that we shared a Zeppelin oddity.  It’s a mysterious mix for mysterious times. During our isolation, we wish you happiness, peace, and noise.

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1. David Bowie — “Star”
2. Patti Smith — “Memento Mori”
3. Oregon — “Chance-Choice”
4. Wolf Parade — “Language City”
5. Lucia Micarelli – Sibelius Violin Concerto Kashmir — “Zeppelin!”
6. Grassella Oliphant — “Get Out Of My Life Woman”
7. Art Brut — “Mysterious Bruises”
8. The Makers — “Whiskey Dog Mind”
9. Buddy Holly — “Be-Bop-A-Lula”
10. Nat King Cole — “Nature Boy”
11. Sonny & Cher — “The Beat Goes On”
12. The Legendary Pink Dots — “A Lust for Powder [Version Apocalypse]”