We play some of our all-time favorites, like Joe Strummer, Laurie Anderson, and Sky Cries Mary. We dig into our archives for Nico, Luna, and more. We say goodbye to Bill Withers. Local pianist Lorenzo Marasso shares his beautiful talent with some Schumann. And surely the first track that Community Noise has hosted that is sung in Aramaic. All this greatness squeezed into one hour!

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1. Joe Strummer — “Arms Aloft”
2. Bill Withers — “Ain’t No Sunshine”
3. Bill Withers — “Lean on Me”
4. Nico — “Somewhere There’s a Feather”
5. Luna — “Moon Palace”
6. Sky Cries Mary — “Every Iceburg Is Afire”
7. Georgian Congregation — “Psalm 53 (in Aramaic)”
8. Lorenzo Marasso — “Schumann op. 56 n.3”
9. Augie March — “Addle Brains”
10. Bette Smith — “City in the Sky”
11. Laurie Anderson — “Let X = X”
12. Rain Parade — “Kaleidoscope”
13. Dire Straits — “Communiqué”
14. Pink Martini — “Hey Eugene”


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