Call it what you want “social distancing” feels like a quarantine (except some of us sneak out from time to time). What to do? FM radio, livestreaming, catch up the hands washing you’ve been meaning to do — all good things. Community Noise can help you out! This week we’ve got a bunch of punk rockers singing love songs and we have others singing about love and lust and other stuff. It’s a pretty good show. Also, continuing the theme of Seattle’s It’s About Time Writers Reading Series, Carol Levin makes her KBFG debut.

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1. The Clash — “Should I Stay or Should I Go”
2. The 101’ers — “Sweet Revenge”
3. Bob Dylan — “Make You Feel My Love”
4. X — “The Once Over Twice”
5. De La Soul — “Eye Know”
6. Blessed Blood — “Liquefaction”
7. The Slits — “Reject”
8. TheYoungbloods — “Black Mountain Breakdown”
9. The Beatles — “Blackbird”
10. The Velvet Underground — “The Murder Mystery”
11. Carol-Levin — “Jazz”
12. Levi Fuller & the Library — “Promise You Will Fall”
13. The Kills — “Hard Habit to Break”
14. Violent Femmes — “Blister in the Sun”
15. Frank Zappa and Ensemble Modern — “Questi Cazzi di Piccione”