Community Noise is celebrating Black History Month with a short spot each new show we produce in February. This week continues our celebration with Lead Belly. Great miscellany completes the hour, including The Clash, Tracy Chapman, Joy Division, Beat Happening, Harry Partch, and more.

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1. The Clash — “Cool Confusion”
2. Nirvana — “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”
3. Lead Belly — “The Titanic”
4. Lead Belly — “Goodnight Irene”
5. Lead Belly — “Take this hammer”
6. The Knitters — “Rock Island Line”
7. John Cale — “(I Keep A) Close Watch”
8. John Cage — “John Cage Excerpt # 7”
9. The Colorist and Emiliana Torrini — “Jungle Drum”
10. Sam Phillips — “How to Dream”
11. Tracy Chapman — “She’s Got Her Ticket”
12. Slim Gaillard — “Slim’s Jam”
13. Beat Happening — “Cast a Shadow”
14. Harry Partch — “Arrest, Trial and Judgement”
15. The Tindersticks — “Snowy in F Minor”
16. Joy Division — “Decades”