Recent record shopping here in Seattle, the “unclassifiable’ bin turned out to be very productive. From that single score, we’re bringing a lot of new material to Community Noise. Last week was Nurse With Wound. This week: Ela Orleans and Jun Fukamachi. What’s next? You’ll have to wait to find out.

In addtion, we’re representing Poland, Japan, Seattle, Martha’s Vineyard, London, Ballard, Portland, Berlin, El Paso … what a show!

Join DJ Barnabas on KBFG, 107.3FM North Seattle, Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am. We also stream from

1. Ela Orleans — “You Go Through Me”
2. Dean Rosenthal — “Stones/Water/Time/Breath (Duntara, Newfoundland)”
3. Posse — “Keep Me Awake”
4. Tennant-Lowe — “Odessa”
5. Pet Shop Boys — “West End Girls”
6. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions — “Perfect Skin”
7. Cigarettes After Sex — “Heavenly”
8. Neu! — “Hero”
9. The Fiery Furnaces — “Straight Street”
10. Jun Fukamachi — “Urban Square”
11. Denny Stern — “Hummingbird”
12. Chromatics — “The Sound of Silence”