Egads I’m late getting my markeing materials written and posted. This week on Community Noise we demonstrate the contrasts of a single indie-pop band, play some soul-pop, new punk, old punk, neo-classical, experimental, and other stuff. Just the local talent alone is celebrational: we have punk (Your Mother Should Know), Jimi, singer-songwriter (Kimya Dawson), and neo-classical (David Hahn). (How else to classify Hendrix but “Jimi”?)

What’s not to love? Music know, music you wouldn’t know, and music you’d like to know!

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artist song title

1. Jimi Hendrix — “Manic Depression”
2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds — “The Good Son”
3. High Places — “The Tree with the Lights in It”
4. High Places — “On Giving Up”
5. David Hahn — “Slogan”
6. Nurse With Wound — “thrill of romance…”
7. Kimya Dawson — “The Competion”
8. Your Mother Should Know — “Jerseyville Illinois”
9. Sly & The Family Stone — “Everyday People”
10. Stella Donnelly — “Old Man”
11. Tropical Fuck Storm — “Who’s My Eugene”
12. Eighth Blackbird — “Variations for ensemble”