A bunch of cool songs brought out of the archives and a lot of covers, and we’ll play the original versions of material that Rachel LeBlanc performaned recently at the Good Shepherd Center. We continue to showcase music from the explorative and neo-classical forms, including LeBlanc’s project, Blessed Blood.

Join DJ Barnabas on KBFG, 107.3FM North Seattle, Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am. We also stream from http://www.KBFGseattle.org.

1. Sky Cries Mary — “Rosaleen”
2. The Byrds — “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”
3. Robyn Hitchcock — “The Bells of Rhymney”
4. The Frightnrs — “I’d Rather Go Blind”
5. Blessed Blood — “To Feel at Ease”
6. The Carter Family — “Chawin’ Chewing Gum”
7. Leadbelly — “On A Monday”
8. John Cale — “Conversation in the Garden”
9. The Kills — “Getting Down”
10. Rare Earth — “I Just Want To Celebrate”
11. Pinkshinyultrablast — “Metamorphosis”
12. Ty Taylor — “The World Is Yours”
13. Wireheads — “Protein Dealer”
14. Leonard Cohen — “You Want It Darker”
15. Alex Shapiro — “Tight Squeeze”