In Seattle, even the mythical bands are pretty good; St. Rage makes a reprise visit. Lots of Seattle stuff. Plus blues, German disco, punk, new music, spoken word, oh my! Our standard for a crazy mix is well represented this week on Community Noise.

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Photo note:  You can see Monk At the Moment of Enlightenment at Seattle Asian Art Museum.  It is wonderful in the round!

1. Nina Simone — “Seems I’m Never Tired Lovin’ You”
2. Little Richard — “I Don’t Know What You Got”
3. Kimya Dawson –“Tire Swing”
4. Mannequin BBQ — “Pinot Grigio”
5. David Hahn — “Opioid”
6. Deborah Bacharach — “Valentine’s Day with Teenager”
7. Brian Eno With Kevin Shields — “The Weight Of History”

8. Dean Rosenthal — “Buddhist Spouting Sound Vessel”
9. St. Rage — “Half a Bus Closer to Home”
10. Nina Hagen — “New York New York”
11. Coil — “Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)”
12. Mudhoney — “Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More”
13. Nice As Fuck — “Cookie Lips”
14. Sleater-Kinney — “Reach Out”
15. L.O.X. — “Sugar Bird”