Tacocat is a palindrome. Previously, I had totally missed that.

I am really excited that both Megan Ihnen and David Hahn provided our show with new music, “New Music”. Those pieces nestle in oddly well with an assortment of the new, the old, and the forgotten. We even learn a little brain anatomy and the truth about punk rock. This is a great show!

Join DJ Barnabas on KBFG, 107.3FM North Seattle, Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am. We also stream from www.KBFGseattle.org.

1. Tacocat — “Miles and Miles”
2. The Gotobeds — “Poor People Are Revolting”
3. Superorganism –“Everybody Wants to Be Famous”
4. Cake — “Short Skirt_Long Jacket”
5. The Ramones — “Teenage Lobotomy”
6. Steve Allen — “‘Cerebellum'”
7. Jimi Hendrix — “Castles Made of Sand”
8. Megan Ihnen / Alan Theisen — “Oil Islands”
9. The Curtain Society — “Chelsea”
10. Sound of Late — “Gentile Misty”
11. Otis Redding — “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”
12. David Hahn — “The Happy Ones”
13. The Bangs — “Undo Everything”
14. The Waitresses — “I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts”
15. The Pixies — “Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)”


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