I attended the Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday.  Odd thing, really.  Mostly po73090727_2692459617440796_1653197714696962048_nor selection of music playing over the house PA system, and a bunch of crap for sale.  I was mostly looking for records, hopeful for Patti Smith books, a leather bracelet, and the unplanned score.  It was probably fun for people that knew each other, or those people that talk to strangers.

I found one booth with more than a handful of records and, after a thorough search, I bought a Big Joe Turner and a Japanese box set.  $8 cool.  I was thinking the what-the-hell box set might be useless, but the graphic alone could be worth $8 to me.

What a delight!

The Big Joe Turner is beautiful.  Another guy from way back that I’ve been meaning to explore.  Goodness  (My album has the song title as “Hanging on the Wall”; perhaps the YT poster has an error.)

I’ve only listened to the side A of the first record (2-lp set) so far; it sounds like western orchestral music with Japanese singers, sort of like if Lawrence Welk or the Boston Pops were in Tokyo.

The boxset is from Polydor records.  I searched the catalog number, LPJM-501/502; found a copy for sale on e-bay for $40.  Pressed in Japan, those days, this song: the history of polydor japan songs is a compilation is songs are from old 78’s from World War 2 and prior.  (I did some research.  No capital letters in Japanese translations, but plenty of punctuation.  I may have taken liberties with the colon: incomplete research.)

What a score!DoNotUse

The only English writing tells me that broadcasting is illegal. I **suppose** that means I shouldn’t use it on my radio show.  However, that restriction is some 70 years old, non-profit radio did not yet exist, and maybe the copyright is changed.  Polydor still exists, within some conglomerate, so maybe I can write and get permission.

JapaneseDovetailxThis dovetails with another request that I have, pending, with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington, located here in Seattle.  I’ve asked if they would do a radio show with me talking about their archive; pending 2020 when maybe we’ll both have more time to play.  Check out this TV spot, which is how I learned of it.

Someday, I’ll try to use some of the music on my radio show, and maybe digitize a couple of tracks for the youtube channel.

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