This week on Community Noise we bring more Beth Hart, as promised weeks ago; we visit with Billie Holiday and Yoko Ono, DJ Barnabas even reads some of Yoko’s work. And other stuff. Other Stuff!!

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1. Beth Hart — “Caught Out in the Rain”
2. Beth Hart — “The Ugliest House on the Block”
3. David Byrne — “Social Studies”
4. Billie Holiday — “Strange Fruit”
5. Frank Zappa — “Black Napkins”
6. DJ Barnabas — “Tape Piece I”
7. DJ Barnabas — “Tape Piece II”
8. Alarm Will Sound — “Canzonas Americanas i. El Dude”
9. Holly Herndon — “Morning Sun”
10. Yoko Ono — “O’Wind (Body Is the Scar of Your Mind)”
11. DJ Barnabas — “Tape Piece III”
12. Tom Waits — ” Frank ”
13. X — “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline”
14. The Who — “Love Ain’t for Keeping”
15. Aztec Camera — “Oblivious”