That photo was a Brian Eno tweet …  DJ Barnabas loves the irony.

This week on Community Noise, in addition to Brian Eno, we begin a short foray into the legacy of Muscle Shoals, we introduce Seattle wonder Erin Jorgensen, we say hello to a lost friend in Saudi Arabia, and we end our first encounter with SpokanArchy!. We fill out the show with greatness.

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1. Brian Eno / David Byrne — “Everything That Happens”
2. Roxy Music — “The Bogus Man”
3. Aretha Franklin — “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)”
4. Sister Carol — “Wild Thing”
5. Soundwalk Collective — “I Will Be Seven”
6. Erin Jorgensen — “Man of Steel”
7. Black Box Recorder — “Seasons in the Sun”
8. Le Tigre — “Hot Topic”
9. Wilson Pickett (w Duane Allman) — “Hey Jude”
10. Vanishing Twins — “Million Dollar Mermaid”
11. Girls Names — “Sence on a Wet Afternoon”
12. Cattle Prod — “Don’t Mind Walking”