This week on Community Noise, DJ Barnabas just can’t get enough of that James Carr. Plus, we’ll look in on some modern punks, some swing revival, we’ll remind you the greatness of Patti Smith, and continue sharing some of the odd gifts that David Bowie presented over the years.

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1. James Carr — “Love Is a Beautiful Thing”
2. Roy Orbison — “Blue Bayou”
3. Sunshine Blind — “Burned at the Stake”
4. The Black Angels — “Call to Arms”
5. Protomartyr — “In My Sphere”
6. The Breeders — “Drivin’ on 9”
7. Little Ann — “Who Are You Trying To Fool”
8. Patti Smith — “Farewell Reel”
9. David Bowie — “Grandfather”
10. Toni Basil — “Mickey”
11. The Legendary Pink Dots — “Small Anthem”
12. Dexter Gordon — “Rhythm Mad”
13. Built to Spill — “Twin Falls”
14. Brian Setzer Orchestra — “You’re the Boss”
15. Mud On My Bra — “Transsexual Girlfriend”
16. The Berries — “Waitin’ Around For You”