This week on Community Noise, we put a little bit of a spotlight on Brix Smith for the first half of the show and in the second half, random goodness will complete the hour.

Brix was the lead guitarist for The Fall in the mid-late 1980s, and is credited with leading The Fall to their greatest popularity. Saying “The Fall” and “commercial appeal” in one sentence is oxymoronic, but DJ Barnabas provides some insight to her work and projects that she had post-Fall.

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1. The Fall — “Hit the North”
2. The Fall — “Victoria”
3. The Fall — “Tuff Life Boogie”
4. The Fall — “Big New Priest”
5. The Fall — “L.A.”
6. Brix & the Extricated — “Going Strong”
7. Adult Net — “Waking Up In The Sun (The Honey Tangle)”
8. The Clash — “The Guns of Brixton”
9. The Cure — “The Hanging Garden”
10. Le Tigre — “They Want Us to Make a Symphony Out of the Sound of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues”
11. Slim Moon — “This One Guy”
12. Jesca Hoop — “Pegasi”
13. Sound of Late — “Thorvaldsdottir_Sequences ”
14. The Velvet Underground — “Heroin”