New show this week on Community Noise. DJ Barnabas is still working on the household tax returns, but somehow we’ve found a way to produce another great show. We’ve got blues, noise, rock and/or roll, hip hop, explorative, and classical.

A revealing story about bad blind dates is revealed as BRMC debuts on the show, more James Carr because we can’t get enough of The Voice, De La Soul makes a blessed appearance.

Miscellaneous goodness abounds on KBFG 107.3 FM Seattle, Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am.  We stream on-line from
1. The Breeders — “Divine Hammer”
2. Talking Heads — “Heaven”
3. Dean Rosenthal — “Buddhist Spouting Sound Vessel (Thomas Buckner)”
4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — “Sell It ”
5. Dean Rosenthal — “Kansas Has This About It (John Cage)”
6. Bo Diddley — “Road Runner”
7. The Modern Lovers — “Roadrunner”
8. The Chameleons UK — “Tears”
9. James Carr — “Pouring Water on a Drowning Man”
10. De La Soul — “Tread Water”
11. St. Paul and the Broken Bones — “Like a Mighty River”
12. Peter Murphy — “Deap Ocean Vast Sea”
13. David Bowie — “Variation 1- Flute, Piccolo (Presto)”
14. David Bowie — “The Wolf Stalks the Bird and the Cat”
15. Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple — “It’s Nice to Hear Your Voice”