Join DJ Barnabas on Community Noise this week for a great variety of punk, soul, rock, indie pop, spoken word, and miscellaneous goodness. Yoko Ono makes an appearance, trying to meet us halfway between her avant-garde prowess and our pop sensibilities — definitely a song worth hearing. This is a weird show, worth an hour of your evening.


1. Alabama Shakes — “Hold On”
2. Tanya Donelly — “Goat Girl”
3. Tears for Fears — “Listen”
4. Yoko Ono — “Listen, the Sky is Falling”
5. Galaxie 500 — “Listen, the Sky is Falling”
6. Flying Fish Cove — “Bob & Sylvie”
7. Steve Fisk — “Strong, Warm, and in Command”
8. The Jesus and Mary Chain — “Just Like Honey”
9. Art Brut — “Good Weekend”
10. Steven Jesse Bernstein — “Come Out Tonight”
11. Slim Moon — “Legion of Doom”
12. Selector Dub Narcotic — “Siren”
13. Daniel Lanois — “Sleeping in the Devil’s Bed”
14. Bob Dylan — “Ring Them Bells”