This week, Community Noise is celebrating International Women’s Day. I admit that “international” for this show appears to be limited to the US and England, who wants to help me out with ideas for next year? It’s still a good show. Wednesday 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 8pm on KBFG 107.3 North Seattle; we also stream at

1. Patti Smith — “People Have the Power”
2. The Kills — “Cat Claw”
3. Tom Tom Club — “Genius of Love”
4. Laurie Lewis — “Val’s Cabin”
5. Goat Girl — “Country Sleeze”
6. The Prettiots — “Boys I Dated In Highschool”
7.Warpaint — “New Song”
9. Transient Canvas  — “Hyggelig”
10. Nice As Fuck — “Cookie Lips”
11. Pink Martini — “Splender in the Grass”
12. Nina Simone — “I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl”
13. Little Ann — “Deep Shadows”
14. Bette Smith — “Manchild”
15. Eurythmics — “Would I Lie to You”
16. Le Tigre — “Get off the Internet”