Community Noise has another good show this week. New songs and new sounds will amaze, frighten, and perhaps entice. Wednesday 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 8pm.  All on KBFG 107.3 North Seattle; we stream, too, at

1. Joan Jett and the Black Hearts – “Love Is All Around”
2. Alarm Will Sound – “The Beatles”
3. Frank Sinatra – “Too Marvelous for Words”
4. Tom Waits – “Jersey Girl”
5. Ann Magnuson And John Cale – “Were Here; Oh! To Be Invited To The Venice Biennale”
6. Posse — “Keep Me Awake”
7. Robyn Hitchcock – “The Man With the Lightbulb Head”
8. Margaret Leng Tan – “Totem Ancestor, for prepared piano”
9. Wireheads – “Is Frances Faye God?”
10. Girls Names – “No More Words”