This week, surely Community Noise can offer something you’ll probably want to listen to, and maybe something you’ve never heard before. Join DJ Barnabas on KBFG 107.3 North Seattle, Wednesday at 7pm and (repeat) Saturday 11am.

1. Humble Pie “Black Coffee”
2. The Pretenders “Lovers of Today”
3. Goat Girl “I Don’t Care, part 1”
4. St. Vincent”Jesus Saves, I Spend”
5. John Cale “Legs Larry at Television Centre”
6. Nico “Chelsea Girls”
7. Leonard Cohen “You Want it Darker”
8. Pell Mell “69 or 20”
9. The Legendary Pink Dots “Dying for the Emperor”
10. John Cage (Margaret Leng Tan) “Music for Marcel Duchamp”
11. Mudhoney / Jimmie Dale Gilmore “Buckskin Stallion Blues”

I’ll even tell a far-too-long story about Edward Ka-Spel.