Community Noise is going to the airways. I will become a DJ on KBFG 107.3 FM Seattle, Wednesday 7pm and Saturday at 11am (repeat of Wednesday).  For those that don’t live in Seattle (or even in Seattle but out of range for our ~8 Watt transmitter), we do stream.  See for details.  Streaming is real-time; we do not archive shows at this time.

KBFG is a low-power, non-profit community station serving North Seattle.   (The transmitter serves North Seattle, sort of, West of I5 freeway to Puget Sound, and North of the Ship Canal to maybe that weird strip mall at Holman Rd. and 8th Ave.)   The playlists on this blog are good examples of what I might put in a show.

Musicians, we are interesting in sharing your under-appreciated work on air. I want to incorporate the explorative, contemporary classical, the avant garde, the kind of weird with the up and coming punk bands, and play them with my favorites, like Velvet Underground or The Pixies.  There is a submission portal at the website or send me questions at

Also, there is a new Facebook page, “Community Noise Radio”, where I will post the playlists every week, other goodies, and hopefully some fun conversations.  You are welcome to join that.