I went to a show last night at the Chapel Performance Space.  It was a tri-bill, but Hair

Chapel Performance Space in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood

and Space Museum were the best part.  I was deciding I’m not all that into electronica, but then I really like this duo.  They were the only ones with vocals, which adds a lot of texture.  Plus, HSM had a lot of other textures in their work.

During the performance, I did my usual writing, Haiku-ing, and spacing out.  Here are some notes.

She must have known it
Reverb’s power to hurt brain
Nice, vibrant colors





Everyone had great light shows and imagery projecting behind them.  Somehow I didn’t take any photos of that …

So many white lines
Wavy, sinusoidal lace
Sounds fill the chapel

HSM’s first piece was troubled by the mixing board.  They figured it out.  This one is supposed to be an “American Sentence”, a Ginsburg invention.  I’m not sure my formatting counts …

She tries to sing above the noise; the noise will not have it. Good noise, though.