I come across things very randomly.  I’m always listening to this, finding that, oh-wow-check-this-outing.  And then I’ll save stuff, and not figure out how to share or incorporate into a blog post.  What follows is the only logical conclusion, an aimless, completely illogical collection of stuff.

Does anybody have a question?

  1. Newen Afrobeat (featuring Seun Kuti & Cheick Tidiane Seck) – Opposite People (Fela Kuti)

I can’t get over how beautiful this is.  All those sounds – I count 21 people making noise, and I’m trying to be careful to exclude cameramen and other staff.  And what sounds they are making!  And the sweat!  I love sweaty bodies.

I had to go looking … turns out this album is 120 million years in the making.*  “Newen Afrobeat is the first Afrobeat band in Chile, formed on 2009,” says their bandcamp page.  Go there and you can buy their CD.  (Except, aaaaaaaaaaacccckkkk, the shipping is more than the actual thing.  I’ll try my local record shop first.)


Everyone dey dance
Dey dance for enjoyment (Dey dance!)
Everyone dey talk
Dey talk for communication (Dey talk!)
Everyone dey hear
Dey hear for ideology (Dey hear!)
Everyone dey think
Dey think for him progress (Dey think!)

*Because, you know, Pangaea.

  1. New friend Colton just shared this. Single should be released shortly after the New Year.

Kelly Finnigan – Catch Me I’m Falling


  1. There is a great compilation album of rock bands playing theme songs from 1970s Saturday morning cartoons. It’s called, Saturday Morning Cartoons.  I listen to it with some frequency, but I’ve never gone looking for any associated videos.  A friend’s comment on FB made think to go looking for this … and, OH what I found!   (The astute observer will note a broken guitar string at 0:29.)

The Ramones – Spiderman


  1. I found this some time back. Mind popping:  simple percussion makes for crazy rhythms.  What is going on here?  This is beautiful.

The Dixie Cups – Iko Iko


and then I came across this …


  1. More from Colton. I’m trying to get him to do a soul playlist with me.  Keep our fingers crossed.

Otis Rush – I`Cant Quit You Baby


  1. I know what to do with this.

The Who – Love reign over me



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