It took me a few minutes, but “fear” brought memories of Julian Cope.

Julian sits in a special place for me.  His early work with the Teardrop Explodes and his first two solo records were great back in the day – that was the stuff to listen to.  It’s what the cool kids down the hall had.  No small triumph, not to brag, but I found all 4 vinyl albums and a couple of singles in the record stores.  (By the way, doesn’t “teardrop explodes” create the greatest mental image?)

I think a lot about “staying power” when I listen to music from my collection.  It turns out that, while I still listen to a fair amount of 1980s music, a lot from that decade now sounds tinny or the synthesizers are simplistic, or it just isn’t as good as I used to think it was.  Julian stands up a little better.  He has a nice voice and he sometimes has an astounding way with words.  Sometimes his music sounds naïve, but occasionally, decades later, some songs remain a real treasure.

Today’s selection is “Land of Fear’; originally found on a 7” EP.  (Now you will find it on Fried re-releases as “bonus material”.)  The song, to me, describes how it is to be in a relationship; scary, sure, but holding hands with the right person can make everything OK.  Also, there is clever adaptation of a biblical phrase to a love song.  (I guess it’s clever anytime someone does something useful with a biblical phrase.)  There’s another version, from studio tapes, mostly him noodling, playing with the words.  It’s an insight of how he worked through the scripture text to figure out how the words could work into his song.  I can’t find version that on YT.

Song:  Land of Fear
Album:  Sunspots EP (7” vinyl)
Artist: Julian Cope
Song Writer: Julian Cope

Thanks to Helen for the challenge;   Song Lryic Sunday


when I walk
through the land of fear
beside you
become over you
walk with me
through the land of fear
I don’t look to my left
I don’t look to my rear
cause I’m not afraid anymore
somehow I’m not afraid anymore
cause when I walk
through the land of fear
there’s no one there,
I make damn sure
I judge the stakes
against myself
the count has grown
up above the shelf
I’m not afraid anymore
somehow I’m not afraid anymore
cause when I walk
through the land of fear
the crying and the glancing out
abandon thee
incorrigibly tamed
they’ll never see
beyond my gaze
in the land of fear
the land of fear   I fixed up the found lyrics best I could.