I decided it was time to put together another playlist. I didn’t have a theme in mind, so I offer some random things that I’ve been listening to recently, tossed together with some new stuff that I hear on the radio as I write this.  All but one track can be listened to at the YT link.

Community Noise Playlist #6

1. Nox Novacula – “The Path”
Local goth band. Really cool stuff. As far as I can tell, they’re only releasing their stuff digitally and, dammit, I like my LPs and CDs.  Somebody needs to straighten these guys out.

2. The Temptations – “Papa was a Rolling stone”
For a couple of years now, I’ve been digging 1960s-1970s soul. When I’m home, an LP can find it’s way onto the stereo at any time.  When I’m out around, there’s some on my MP3 player, so it comes up on random play.   Such was the case one sunny Friday afternoon when I was walking over to my shop.

3. Pleasures – “Star and the Equal Time”
On Saturday evenings, DJ Sharlese has taken the reigns of the long-running radio show Audioasis, dedicated to local music.  She’s finding some pretty good stuff, and plays a lot of good old stuff.
Unfortunately, … I couldn’t find this on YT. You can listen to it here:

4. Sonic Youth – “My Friend Goo”
I’m reading Kim Gordon’s pretty good memoir, Girl in a Band. After I’m done, I’m sure there’s a post or two to be written about this woman. In the meantime, I always loved Goo best.

5. Tom Waits – “Clap Hands”
Rain Dogs is one of the most innovative albums that I’ve ever heard. Incredible.  It’s one of the records in my collection I go back to say “damn” when I listen to it again.

6. Paul Simon – “Under African Skies”
Damn.  Simon’s Graceland is one of the most innovative albums that I’ve ever heard. Incredible.  That stanza, Joseph’s face was black as night |The pale yellow moon shone in his eyes |His path was marked | By the stars in the Southern Hemisphere | And he walked his days | Under African skies …  really well phrased.  It’s as good as any Dylan, and that’s a mouthful of praise.

7. Sly and the Family Stone – “You Can Make It If You Try”
This album, Stand!, sits in front of the stack, and generally outside the crate, patiently waiting for me to spin it again.  And again.

8. Velvet Underground  – “ Foggy Notion”
I have this Polygram sampler, 3 songs on Side A from The Velvet Underground, Van Morrison, and Richard Thompson; and another 3 songs, one each, on the B Side.  There used to be this cool record store, Uptown Records on Queen Anne; the buyer was named Ann (no relation), and we developed a little rapport; she’d always thank me for buying cool stuff, ‘cause that meant she got to go buy more cool stuff.  (Instead of, you know, more Abba.)  One night I walked up to the cash register with this and she simply froze; “Where did you find this?”  She didn’t know the store had it and was mad that I was buying it and not her.  And she still wouldn’t date me.
With a story like that, I’m having a hard time deciding to part with this, but I never actually listen to it.  It’s an odd place to see VU playing.

9. Childish Gambino – “Saturday”
Watching Saturday Night Live, and this popped into my life.  Good to listen to, and fun to watch all the dance and performance art going on.  Must have been 25 people on stage. Damn.  Damn link died.

10. Posse – “Voices”
Don’t forget to listen to Posse.  They have more out now than the 7” I featured last year.

11. Goat Girl
Also, the new Goat Girl album is out – buy it on LP or CD from Rough Trade Records.  I love these girls.

12. Ben Thomas – “Tangent 7”
The Live Music Project had it’s fourth birthday party last week, and I won a CD in the raffle. I don’t see how it could have been rigged in my favor, plus there must have been about 50 prizes. The ensemble might feature a bandoneon. Wikipedia says it’s a type of concertina “particularly popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Lithuania.” OK, but I don’t know what a concertina is either. Look at the picture, duh, it’s a squeezebox.


Here’s a random note. It requires 6 clicks and a paste to add a video to a YT playlist. That’s when I already have the link for the song that I want to add. And it takes some hunting around to just find the place to create a new playlist. Couldn’t we design a better interface?


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