It was 24 years ago today that Kurt Cobain said goodbye.  I do not celebrate a person’s death, typically; I prefer to celebrate one’s life.  However, local radio is playing a bunch of Nirvana songs today, and interview clips, and assorted things.

Lots of really good songs that I like to listen to.

It makes me a little nostalgic.  I am a little sheepish to say this, but I always felt like I related to him, a sort of kinship.  Sheepish because I tire of people that say somebody else speaks for them.  Enough gushing; speak for yourself.  It’s not Kurt’s great lyrics that I think about when I suggest that I relate to him.

I grew up in a similar place, little lumber town in Southwest Washington.  I understood a flannel shirt as a practical shirt; cold and wet until you start working, then tie it around your waste; not a fashion statement.  Dressing in layers.  And it was cultural – dad wore one, granddad wore one.  I can’t remember ever not having one.

After I moved away, I realized that a lot of my friends and people I grew up with were stupid assholes.  Hateful.  Homophobic.  Chauvinistic.  I was like that.  I knew people unaware of the vast world out there ready for you, if only you had an open mind.  It was Kurt’s interviews and whining that I always related too.  When he talked about where he grew up, I knew exactly that life.

When I think of Kurt now, I have a certain sorrow.  And glee.  His music is delightful; funny and loud, tender and angry.  I miss you, Kurt, and thanks for all the great stuff.

Here are some favorites.

I always loved the childish terror in this song.  Some people worry about me for that.


indeed, it is “I need an easy friend”, not “I need a lizard friend”.  When in doubt, it’s almost always a lyric that makes sense.  (I dunno know if that’s a valid rule.  It is art.)


It’s not Kurt’s song, but he owns it.