My one-year blogging anniversary passed by last week.

I am delinquent for frequent posting – it will be like that.  I work full-time, I have other hobbies and commitments, and I have my moments.  Moments were I just need to tune out, walk away from all the stuff, and do something else.  Or do nothing.  Or pretend to do something.

Regardless of my infrequency, I appreciate those that stop in and see what I have to say.  I really, really, appreciate those that take an extra moment to send a comment, and those that take an extra microsecond to send a ‘like’.  I learned that the accolades come slowly, and I learned that is OK.  Writing is its own edification.  Writing gives me a new way to learn about music and it gives me a new lens to comprehend what’s going on in between all those notes and poetic words.

Over the past year, looking for kindred spirits, I have been exposed to other bloggers.  Honestly, I never followed blogs before; I may have read one here and there, but I never paid much attention.  There is some stuff out there. Wanting to share the talents of others, in random order, I present five other blogs.


1000 Mistakes

William, in Australia, writes this one.  He refers us to great music, new and old, stuff we all know, stuff we all should know, and stuff, man, who’d ever heard of this?

William writes like somebody that has something to say – a blast of exuberance and unconscious knowing.  Plenty of typographical errors, he has accidental vitality.  Our musical interests overlap – turns out to be a bonus for me.


The Poetry of Photography

For a very long time, I did not pay much attention to photography.  It looked too easy.  I could never draw or paint, so those that mastered free-hand drawing were masters to me.  Photography – play around with gadgets and click click, there you are.

Then I started taking pictures myself.  Slowly at first – just shots of completed projects of my woodshop, then some travel shots, then I met photographers, and they forced me to start to taking it seriously.  I began taking photographs.

When I went looking for other music blogs, I kept finding photographers.  Wonderful photographers.  People that understood composition, light, and emotion.  It is amazing what people do.

Everyday Melinda shows a glimpse of her incredible eye, and each black-and-white photo has an accompanying haiku.  (Everyday?  Who has time to share so much?)  She is thoughtful and eyes-wide-open funny.  She sways between finding beautiful things to shoot, and making banal things beautiful.  I hope others find their way with her.


Square Pig in a Round Hole

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen when I previewed her brother for a show in Seattle this year.  Wonderful host, with tea and baklava.  She might be even more shy than I.

Every week, real or imaginary, she presents 5 band names and says something pithy about each.  It’s an easy and delightful read.  My experience, so far, if I think I have a new band name, peculiar, that maybe she should know about, she already wrote about it.



Ich erinnere mich noch genau daran, wie ich mit 13 zum ersten Mal die Beatles gehört habe hotfox63-capture– danach war ich ein anderer Mensch.   // I still remember exactly how I heard the Beatles for the first time at 13 – after that I was a different person.

I have things to learn from this gentleman, alas I don’t speak his language.  (I have tried.  I fucking swear.  I have a whole, cute, futile story about trying to learn German.)  Anyway, I have things to learn from this guy, and I don’t even know his name.

I thought there would be a translator plug in – a virtual babble fish – that might translate an entire blog page for me, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  Still, it’s worth the time to spend an afternoon listening to part of this guys’ life soundtrack.  Clipped to the right, is just a portion of his word cloud.


The Perimeter

A bloke named Quintin is taking the walk around Britain’s sea coast – all public access trails – and shooting everything in sight.  It frequently looks like he is the only person on Earth, enjoying the final days of light and questionable weather.  Really, this guy can point a lens and shoot.  Well done!

I have completed a half days’ worth of this trek, down near Penzance, and I intend to do more someday.  In preparation, I have been following this guy for months.


Live Music Project

A baker’s quintet – I cannot let this go without a sixth blog mentioned, for a I love the work I do for the Live Music Project.  Not exactly my alter ego – it’s really just a way for me to learn about other musical styles and talk to people about how they create new music and interpret those sounds.  It’s a good gig.


Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a music blog.  So, listen to these:

1. from Mary Kouyoumdjian,

(be aware that Sound Cloud has an autoplay feature that I haven’t figured out how to kill.  It’s OK to listen to all of Mary’s work – she’s great – but the piece I’ve posted is only some 5 minutes long.)

2. Honoring Aussie friends, one of my favorite songs, from the Hoodoo Gurus

3. I like Courtney Barnett; she is funny and melodic with ironic visions.  While enjoyable to have the new Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile thing playing, I haven’t figured out what I think of it yet.  Help?

4. Similarly, a friend directed me to listen to Wolf Alice.  She has elements – she sounds like she has most of my record collection – but I can’t figure out what I think.  Not yet, anyway.  Tell me what you think.

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