The best music introduced to me in 2017 (so far I optimistically parentheticalize) is Eighth Blackbird, a wonderful ensemble from Chicago.  They played Seattle in June.  Folk singer Bonnie “Prince” Billy joined them to sing some murder ballads.  At one moment, with really complicated contemporary music playing, every person on stage was screaming.  Blood curdling shrieks.


I was in Albuquerque in September, willingly dragged along to see Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn.  They had a murder ballad with dueling banjos.

Narrative songs about killing, I had to ponder.  I knew some.  I found some more for you.


The Beatles had one.  (I’ll re-iterate.  The Beatles trust have exceptional skills at copyright protections.  Tough to find on YT.  This is a rehearsal version.)

Kinda catchy.


The Violent Femmes had one


The Dixie Chicks had a righteous one


Our next song was actually written by Sting, but no one listens to him anymore – he’s too popular.  It’s more appropriate that Johnny Cash sing it for us.


Finally,  I can not find an appropriate example of my Eighth Blackbird memory on YT, but I offer these these:


Happy Halloween.  Please don’t kill people.


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