It’s a minor post, but if you’re having trouble with what to listen to tonight, or this weekend, has your back.

I was noticing a theme; found one more song and then another.  I need a fifth.  Help?  I like song lists of 5.  It’s a nice number.  Boom Boom Boom

1. John Lee Hooker

If the Boom Boom theme had a saint, John Lee would be St. Boom.  He’s street cool, with rhythm and soul and a wily groove in his throat.


2. Murder City Devis

These were a beloved Seattle band sometime in the 1990s, I think I mostly wasn’t living here at the time, and I never liked them.  There’s a particular sub-genre, named or otherwise, of hardcore punk where the voice is all angry tar, like the devil.  I’m not into it.  But THIS song; kills me  Yeah.


3. The Prettiots

I’ve extolled the virtues of this band a few times over the past year.  Funny, clever, good songs.


4. Jennylee

I don’t know anything about this, except I found it and I like it.  A lot.  I’ll tell you this, if you’re lost looking for new Indie rock ‘n’ roll, Rough Trade Records is the place to start.  (Then come back to


5.  Somebody out there can help me with #5.  I have a sense.  Maybe it’s that prolific Aussie that types like a mad man.


Whoever cannot help me, shall dance to this song tonight.  I did, and I will again.  We can have a virtual rendezvous.