I started to type this up and thought, “Love? … didn’t I do this one already?”  I guess they’re all running together now.  But we’re almost done with the 30-day song challenge.  Yeah!

Years ago in Seattle, we had a Pixies-cover band called Number 13, Baby.  They could really play, man, and their covers were really great, and the crowds came in great force.  !!! (Of course, “crowd” in a pub meant for 100 is still a crowd when the sweaty place is full.)  One night at the Crocodile Cafe this girl was pleading with them to play her favorite song, but they didn’t think they knew it.  She went and bought 2 pints, and tried to bribe them to play her song.  They conferred, practiced a little with amps off, nodded their heads, and gave it a go.  They let the girl keep her beer.  The guys killed it!  The girl danced crazily, and I had myself a new crush.

I wrote a personals ad, knowing it was hopeless, but a week later I received an e-mail.  “I got your ad!”  And I think to myself, ‘Wow, these never work.’  And she continues, “My boyfriend and I were packing up to move, and I just happened to notice the personals page packing dishes in the kitchen, and I stopped to read it.  And I said, “Hey, that’s me!”

And I’m thinking, “why the fuck send me an e-mail when you have a boyfriend and he’s the father of your child and you’re living together?”

The Pixies, “Is She Weird?”  Cool song.