Day 25: A song you like by an artist no longer living


I’m going with a little of the ol’ Ludwig van for this challenge.  Here we have Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, conducted by Leonard Bernstein.  He was a good guy, but more than a little ornery with the hearing problem.

This is what I’ve had in mind for more than a week.  I’ve already used several songs by dead guys during this challenge, and I’ve been getting more interested in classical music over the past few years.  This is a good reminder of that.  Enjoy the choir!

When I was out for a walk this evening, Syd Barrett’s “Here I Go” came over my headphones, and I thought that would be a good song for this challenge.  I really love that song.  But I think I want to write a longer piece about why, put some good thought to that, and put down some clever words.  Also, I featured that song in a mix for a friend last year, and he didn’t like it so much.  I want to better understand that as an angle for the piece.


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Interested in music. Most of my personal catalogue is indie bands, and punk, but also avant garde, blues, Motown ... almost but not quite, anything. I am now learning much about classical and contemporary works. I'm looking for people to share music, new and old, and looking for new avenues to discovery new music. Come with me.

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