Day 23: A song you think everybody should listen to

This is a weird assignment.  It feels self righteous, a trait  that I’ve tried to extricate from my personality.  Also, there must be thousands of songs that I think are so good, that everyone should listen to it.  Nonetheless, sometimes I do as I’m told.  I am selecting a great contribution from John Cale, “Do not go Gentle into that Good night”.

I’ve mentioned this song on this blog previously – as part of my eulogy to Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen – You Want it Darker   and probably will again and again.  I love this song for many reasons, and will list some here.

  1. It communicates a link between classical music, the avant-garde, and rock music.
  2. It unites two Welsh men, the powerful poetry of Dylan Thomas and the dramatic music of John Cale.
  3. It a great message for people to work hard at living a great life.  You only get one chance.  I wrote about this previously.
  4. Most importantly, just enjoy the damn thing.

If you enjoy this track, try the entire album Words for the Dying.


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