Day 21: A song you like with a person’s name in the title

The Beatles – “Anna (Go to Him)”

This is a cute song.  A puppy love sort of sweetness; I mean, c’mon, the Beatles were about 23 years old at this time (1963), how much weight could you possibly give:

All of my life
I’ve been searching for a girl
To love me like I love you

Still, it’s a sweet song, but I’m really drawn to the instrumentation.  The guitar work is George Harrison.  Beautiful.

(Good grief; it’s impossible to find a Beatles version of this on YouTube.  There are so many Beatles cover bands…and karaoke).  I’ll try Spotify is weird.  Well, if you don’t already know or have the song, you probably don’t care that I’m talking about it.

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Community Noise

Interested in music. Most of my personal catalogue is indie bands, and punk, but also avant garde, blues, Motown ... almost but not quite, anything. I am now learning much about classical and contemporary works. I'm looking for people to share music, new and old, and looking for new avenues to discovery new music. Come with me.

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