Day 18: A song from the year you were born

This is close enough.  Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence

I’m in Washington’s North Cascades region, checking out the national park and areas around.  Staying in Winthrop, which is a hot desert area just to the east of the mountain range.

I was planning to use Ligeti’s “Requiem”, which I just saw played at the Symphony, but decided that I just used Ligeti a couple of days ago, so I’d go with something else.  (Ligeti would be a good choice, though, because nobody reading this blog probably knows who that is)   I had to scramble to find something else this morning.  I like this guys…but it wouldn’t occur to me to blog about them.  I would, and will sometime, blog about Simon’s incredible album Graceland.


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Interested in music. Most of my personal catalogue is indie bands, and punk, but also avant garde, blues, Motown ... almost but not quite, anything. I am now learning much about classical and contemporary works. I'm looking for people to share music, new and old, and looking for new avenues to discovery new music. Come with me.

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