This might be the hardest of the challenges so far.  I’m going to select “The Loco-Motion”.  But then the question is, Little Eva or Grand Funk?  I guess both!  And I’ll tell you why, but first, go ahead and listen to them … I’ll wait …

There used to be a Seattle band, The Model Rockets, that played this song at the end of their set.  John really had a beautiful blues voice and this was the song in their repertoire that really showed it off.  Their cover was closer to the Grand Funk version.  Model Rockets were probably better.

The song was originally sung by Little Eva.  Its sweet and bubblegummy.  I like that style — I really enjoy this era of girl singers.

At Community Noise, we’re interested to know which version the reader preferred and why.  We’re interested to know if we inexplicably cheated by not choosing one, and if we did, will you still love us in the morning.