Day 4: A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget

There was this woman 25+ years ago; she was cute for awhile.  I don’t typically name names.  When I finally figured out how bad she made me feel, I dumped her.  Then she insisted on being friends.  I tried for a time, then figured how manipulative and narcissistic she really is, and how treating me poorly made her feel good.

The song for today is The Cure – Love Cats

I chose this version, an acoustic offering, for 2 reasons.  Most importantly, my recent musical life has been about re-interpretation, finding anew, exploring the unknown.  This version is a nice take on that thought.  Second, this version has less energy and wouldn’t give that woman what she graves.  Fuck her.




I’ve accepted the 30 Day Song Challenge from Elena Panyard  (

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Community Noise

Interested in music. Most of my personal catalogue is indie bands, and punk, but also avant garde, blues, Motown ... almost but not quite, anything. I am now learning much about classical and contemporary works. I'm looking for people to share music, new and old, and looking for new avenues to discovery new music. Come with me.

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